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Importing bookmarks to Flock from other browsers: a workaround

30 November 2005

at the moment, importing bookmarks into favorites includes making them available in see bugs 1244 and 625.

if you feel comfortable with your bookmarks being public, you may want to import them in so you can also manage them via Flock. in order to mass-import bookmarks from a browser into, you will have to run a perl script. you obviously will need also your username and password.

note: using this script will remove preexistent flock favorites. this may also eat all of the cheese in your house! so back-up what has to be back-upped.

read this page and download delicious-import script. give a look at the script code, you will find useful options about line 75 (Release 1.4: 10 May 2005).

export your bookmarks from a browser to a html file.

if you want to, choose a tag to mark the bookmarks you’re going to import. i’ll use “import-tag” here.
if you don’t specify a tag, the script will mark your bookmarks with a “.imported” tag.
if you prefer not to tag the bookmarks you’re going to import, use “” as a tag – that is, an empty tag.

note that if you divided your bookmarks into folders, the name of the folders will be imported into as a tag, and every bookmark from that folder will be tagged with that tag.

run delicious-import script. the syntax should be something like that:

perl -u yourusername -p yourpassword -t import-tag -l -x -z /path/to/yourbookmarksfile.html

wait the upload to be completed and start flock. you will be asked “do you want to share your favorites?”. in order to get bookmarks imported, you have to answer “yes” and setup your account in flock. you can do this using the Edit / Preferences menu and choosing Web Services.
flock will import your bookmarks. please note that it will remove preexistent flock favorites (the standard ones are: Getting StartedFlockFlock FeedsFlock Feedback)
later, i unsuccessfully tried to delete my bookmarks tagged with “import-tag”. the script deleted also others bookmarks: it deleted all of my bookmarks, minus one. i ran the script using these options:

perl -u yourusername -p yourpassword -t import-tag -D -x

however, other similar tests were successful (i changed the order of the delicious-import script options, but i really don’t know if that was the reason of precedent failure. however i put the -t option at the end of the command).
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through b2evolution flock support

21 November 2005

From Flocksters mailing list: little news about b2evolution xmlrpc stuff. At the moment, b2evolution Flock support is broken because of some xmlrpc issues.

Here’s a reply from the person who knows most about b2evolution xmlrpc stuff:

” With the new b2evolution xmlrpc support they should not need to make any changes to their code if it works with metaweblog or MT API’s already, so I will try to do some testing tomorrow. ”

So if Flock supports Metaweblog API, it should work with b2evo.
If it does not, something is probably wrong with Metaweblog support.

wordpress works ( plus “transparent window” bug)

4 November 2005

I can succesfully publish and edit my wordpress posts here at

However, I still get the “transparent window” bug when I edit links via the Blog manager:

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