Automatic update to latest Flock Testing build via crontab

don’t do this if you want to give feedback to Flock development.

Note: to be modified according to

When I start Flock, I choose between two different buttons. The first points to Flock 0.5.13, while the second points to the latest build.

I added a crontab entry in order to get every hour the latest Flock linux build. It downloads the compressed archive from , then uncompresses the archive and places it into my home directory.
I’m not a programmer. It really should be written differently.

This is just one line:

51 * * * * wget -r -nH –cut-dirs=3 –directory-prefix=/home/intersezioni/; rm -rf /home/intersezioni/flock/ ; tar xzf /home/intersezioni/flock-0.7.en-US.linux-i686.tar.gz -C /home/intersezioni

Have a look to crontab use. “51 * * * * ” means that it will run at 0.51 AM, 1.51 AM, etc.

The second Flock button points to:

It seems working. Having Flock updated while I’m using it doesn’t seem break anything, and refreshing the about: page shows the update itself.
However, I guess I should achieve the same aim with a better crontab entry.
Any tips?

If you leave helpful comments, I shall sacrify a lamb for your sake.

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