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Single Page Application

17 December 2005

Chris Messina and Freeman Murray talk about an architecture in which Flock would ask the web app for a locally-run “servlet” that would provide similar offline interactivity when not connected. This could be particularly useful in remote areas where network latency can sometimes stretch from days into weeks for access to a “network”.

Maybe Flock could manage web apps as Single Page Applications (SPA):

A SPA is a web application that fits on a single page, and which might be optionally enhanced by connectivity with a server.
The key property of these (…) web applications is that you can do a “File->Save Page” in your browser and get your own personal wiki. All the wiki pages and data then lives on your own local storage and is private to you.

SinglePageApplications – TrimPath – Trac

SPAs can also be hosted online. Some versions of TiddlyWiki specifically feature server-side installation (pytw, ServerSideWiki). I guess people already use SPAs for blogging.
You can use your client-side application when you’re offline, because it is a client-side application by design; Flock could sync your SPA with your online, public installation when you get connectivity. Flock may also feature its own application.


OSX and Linux versions of PortableFlock

29 October 2005

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